Martes, Oktubre 11, 2011

One with nature

On a sunkissed early sunday morning, the third day of the Dayaw festival,  delegates communed with nature through a tree planting activity at the Accretion Area at Barangay Apokon, Tagum City.
The Area along the mighty Hijo River has once been inhabited by people including the indigenous people of tagum, the Mansaka. Due to the dangers they face in living in the area, the City Government of Tagum, through the leadership of Mayor Rey T. Uy, relocated the residents and developed the place through massive tree planting activities and consequently employed the same people and teaching them agriculture in cultivating the area and made them stewards to the planted trees. The trees planted by the delegates will  be tended and nurtured to assure its growth and survival through the great concern of the City Government and help from sponsoring private companies and individuals.

Mrs. Alma L. Uy, the President of the Tourism Council and one of the prime movers of the Dayaw Festival this year, proclaimed in a message in front of the delegates, that the said portion of the long stretch of land in Accretion will be acknowledged as the Dayaw Tree Park  -  another reason for the delegates to come back to Tagum City.

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