Martes, Setyembre 13, 2011

A Glimpse into the Indigenous Peoples

The richness of the culture, tradition and arts of the indigenous peoples in the Philippines portray the ingenuity of the Filipino culture.

Many of the indigenous peoples in the country today were able to pass on to the dudding generations the colorful, elaborate and unique cultural customs and traditions that have been around with us even before the Spanish conquered and ruled the Philippines.  Though, there are changes on it through the long course of time, but its essence and soul, remain the same.

These cultures and traditions provided a substantial link to the history of the Pearl of the Orient. It is therefore important that we --- the Filipino people --- should help in preserving the richness of their culture. Their rich heritage is also ours.

The intricately woven fabrics, the songs, chants and dances which narrate the story of our ancestors and the distinct way of life they still uphold and preserve, contribute what Dayaw is all about - the great cultural pride.

It is high time to make a shift in paradigm to re-focus our view on the indigenous cultural cummunities -  listen to their concerns, respects their rights, find commonality in their diversity and celebrate in the richness of their cultures.

Come October 6-10, 2011, about 440 ethnic groups scattered in the different parts of the archipelago will converge in Tagum City to celebrate Dayaw: Indigenous Peoples Festival. This is a personal invitation from DayawTagum. Come celebrate with us! 

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