Mga Habi ng Panaginip

As we explore the different elements of art, we found beauty in everyone, everything, and every place we come across.  Other people say that art is worthless, but to some people, art is very important. But there appears to be something about art that really means something to many of us. The fact alone that some people are eager to spend more money on a single work of art than most people earn in a lifetime should make you think.
To the indigenous people, art is interconnected to their existence – Art and Life are one. Witnessing the four different exhibits namely: Gama, Bantug, Kalinaw, Dalit, Habi and the vernacular houses is a time well-spent.
The Dayaw exhibit highlighted the similarities of the Indigenous Peoples  in terms of worldview and lifeworld – as manifested in their traditional arts, crafts and other aspects of their material cultures. The exhibit affirmed and recognized the richness of the Indigenous Peoples knowledge systems and traditional practices.
The weaving practices of the Bilaan Tribe are located on the Habi Pavilion where traditional weaves, textiles and garbs are seen. Bilaan Tribe fresh from Kiblawan, Davao del Sur has shown their unique talent in making these colorful weaves. There, you can see the actual making of these textiles. According to them, it takes one day to make one meter of it which costs Php500.
When it comes to prestigious crafts and different kinds of instruments and weapons, Bantug is the place where you should go. Sarimanok and kulintang were just a piece of the whole exhibit. One of a kind things are located there that the indigenous people are really proud of.
I see hats! This time, Gama pavilion takes the lead. Mats, baskets, bamboos and woodcrafts are placed there. People are having fun taking pictures of them wearing those beautiful and distinctive hats that came from different parts of the country.
If you want to get the information Kalinaw is the place where you can discover facts and history about indigenous people. After getting there, it will surely load your minds with lots of trivia.
Walking under the heat of the sun doesn’t affect your eagerness to go to the only food and culinary arts exhibit namely Dalit. In this place you can take a glimpse of the different cuisines and how it was created. Different recipes are shown with different names. 
After the long and fun journey, you will surely have a great smile on your face bringing the true meaning and the essence of art. text by Faith Agullana and Chiqui Lou Cabellon (student writer TCNHS)
The Pavilion Exhibits: