Miyerkules, Oktubre 12, 2011

MaDayaw na Pasasalamat

This is history.

For the first time in the celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples Month, blogging and social media had been infused to give its virtual audience blow-by-blow accounts on the latest buzz about Dayaw 2011. Modesty aside, this blog, along with our official facebook fan page had been successful.

And we want to dedicate this last post to give the credit to where it is due. We will forever be indebted to the selfless service of the extraordinary people who had made this all possible.

We are in awe to the brilliance of Sir Nestor Horfilla for the wisdom he had shared that stroke a chord of inspiration in all of us. His vision as well as his unfathomable intellect and cool but amazing managing style is truly worthy to emulate. The perseverance of Sir Harley Aglosolos  and his team of writers (Angelica Cajes and Shella Florida) to go beyond what is seen is amazing. Mrs. Elena Magalona’s keen observance in the Dayaw Forum is a force to reckon with and we had never seen an educator so keen about the indigenous peoples until Mam Elena and Jaeser Mae Avila and Jossie Borres came into our midst. We would never forget the gastronomic article written by Mrs. Francisca Padlan who had shown us the indigenous life on a plate. The team of Mrs. Luz Condor which includes Faith Agullana and Chiqui Lou Cabellon is also notable not because of their girl bonding but because of their altruism and prolific writing. Mrs. Nonielyn Quevido’s “yes” to go to Nabunturan and New Bataan reminds us of life’s little adventures. Along with her writer and photojournalist Glen Andrion, Jessy Mae Panngoy and Mary Joy de Castro, they poked us that life in the media center needs not to be so serious. Sometimes, you just need a trip in a long and winding road to find your story to file. Armed with her mighty pen and old tape recorder, Mrs. Cristy Agudera had produced in what we believed the first-ever excellently-documented indigenous games posted online through this blog. The future researchers of IP culture will surely be indebted to her. We can’t thank enough the person who had authorized us to tap them to build our team of esteemed writers. To Schools Division Superintendent Nenita E. Lumaad, thank you very much. Same is due to Mrs. Mayumi Pinzon. Special thanks is also accorded to the City Agriculture’s Office headed by Sir George Grandea for giving us space in their office for our Media Center.

We suspect that she thought that her role was minimal or just a simple one. But we can never imagine this information leg-work without the hardwork of Zyzle Jean Zaragosa. As the in-charge of the social media, she led the unprecedented growth of our online views and facebook likes combined. She truly possessed the heart of a true volunteer with only Pizza 27 as the springboard of motivation. We still owe her that. This blog won’t also take shape without the brilliance of Ric Kevin Conde in designing the over-all aesthetic appearance of this blog.

More than the wonderful articles posted here, it is the people behind that we’re most proud of. We dedicate the last post in this blog extending our overflowing gratitude to them. Together, we made history.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much!


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