Linggo, Oktubre 9, 2011

IP’s go on tour for a cause

What seemed normal for Tagumenos has become unusual and remarkable for the Dayaw Festival 2011 participants as they were impressed by Tagum City during the running tour last October 6, 2011.

All eyes were gazing at the city’s façade as the tour buses made its way through the bustling streets leading to the city’s center without the participants’ failure to notice the green tricycles as one of the city’s trademarks.
Passing through the public market and terminal, the tour brought them to the city’s motorpool for which the tour guide described as “one of a kind” in the region if not in the country.

Piles of various sizes of logs seemed to have discouraged the Mangyans of Mindoro as a welcome scenario but upon knowing that these were confiscated logs donated by the different municipalities and provinces, life filled their eyes which made Mangyan Judy Ann Banaag, 13, exclaimed that nature is still alive in the city.
Mayor Rey T. Uy welcomed them and encouraged them to take part in furnishing and the painting the classroom chairs and desks which will be distributed to the neighboring towns of the city.
Not minding the sweat, the smell of the paint and the dust floating in the air, the Mangyans and Hiligaynons were so engrossed with their job for twenty minutes occasionally chucking jokes as well as taking pictures.
Asked about the experience, Irene Macabebe of Hiligaynon Cluster said that it was all worth the labor.
“It’s quite tiresome and it’s unsual from our daily chores but we enjoyed it all knowing that it’s for a cause,” Macabebe said.
Normally supervising the production of chairs religiously throughout the day, the mayor said that this activity contributed to saving maximally for the labor cost of the project which could average to production of 800 chairs per week for which a total of 3,000 chairs were already distributed since August this year.
“This is to make the Indigenous People realize how it feels to be able to contribute for the benefit of the IPs in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Province,” Uy stressed.
Most participants were inspired by how Tagum City envisioned the good future of the next generation having mentioned that since every successful person is a product of good education, the task is no longer tedious.
“I was impressed by the law-abiding, friendly and hospitable people of Tagum City and especially with the furnishing and painting we did, it is fulfilling to help in this simple way,” remarked Missa Aisa Angas, a princess of Sulu.
With the New City Hall as the last stop, the impression has finally reached its peak as the visitors exclaimed “wow” saying that the structure is monumental and impressive. Harley Aglosolos

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