Martes, Oktubre 11, 2011

Equality, Not Partiality

In God’s eyes, we are all equal.

The Philippines is truly very rich not only on its natural resources but on its people as well. Despite the run of the modern generation, our ethnic groups are still present. That is the very main reason why we have the Indigenous People’s Month and celebrate the Dayaw Festival. But what is its sense, when there are still minorities who are discriminated by the high-standard community?

Currently, we are celebrating the 5th Dayaw Festival in the land of festivals—Tagum City. And many of our Filipino ethnic groups have fled to showcase each of their casualties which can we say that regardless of their educational standings, can be proud of. However, this is not enough.

Discrimination- this is often the main topics when it comes to the minorities. In a forum held at Saint Mary’s College last October 7, 2011, the Chieftain of the Mandaya tribe of Asuncion, Davao del Norte, Datu Joey Andoy, told the groups who attended, “It is not the government who should work, but us.” We usually see this separation in employment. Managements prefer to hire those educated but lazy people than the hard-working tribal people. They are often judged in their outward appearances, but are they more deserving than those who just wait for an apple to be dropped in their mouths? Equality must be displayed in times like this, musn’t it?

Celebrations that recognize our tribal groups like the Dayaw Festival are very much encouraged; however, it must not end on events like this, but should be continued by helping them to progress. We must not think that they are different, but the same as we are.

Oftentimes, we forget the cultural groups we belong as we are influenced by the contemporary life we are in today. But we must not let it hinder our ethnic cluster. Instead, we should love them and give them the attention they need. As the old proverb says, Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa kanyang paroroonan.” text by Jessy Mae F. Panggoy student writer

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